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For most people with only mild seasonal mood disorders (some 14 percent of the US population), the risk of using a therapy light is relatively minimal; eyestrain and headaches are the most commonly reported side effects. Compared with our top pick’s 4000K cool white temperature, the Theralite lamp emits a warmer 3000K white light. Every lamp in my test was advertised as a 10,000-lux lamp. In 1980, Alfred Lewy published the finding that sufficiently intense artificial light suppressed humans’ nighttime production of melatonin—a hormone linked to the regulation of our sleep cycle. Here’s what we recommend to prepare your bedroom for winter. This will wake up your body and naturally improve your sleep cycle. It lacks multiple functions compared to other light therapy lamps and gadgets on this list, but if you're looking for a low-cost option to test increased light exposure in your space, this Amazon best-seller could work nicely. Warm bedding and proper insulation can transform a drafty bedroom into a cozy spot. We researched hundreds of lamps and tested dozens to find the six best floor lamps, in various styles, under $300. According to Northern Light Technologies, the light is fully UV-free. (See below for more on these differences.) It boasts an industry-leading 281-square-inch face that’s large enough for multiple people to use at once. The best feature of this red light therapy Lamp is that it works at two different frequency levels. The more lux a light delivers, the less time you need to spend sitting in front of it. For this reason, it’s not a bad idea to consider the style of the lamp to make sure it fits your decor. The materials are nice, the light quality is top-of-the-line, and a seven-year warranty ensures years of use. The Day-Light Classic Plus by Carex projects 10,000 lux of 99.3 percent UV-free light from its 204-square-inch surface, the minimum lux that any SAD lamp needs to be therapeutically effective according to the doctors we interviewed. It also comes equipped with automatic timer settings that range from 10 to 60 minutes in length. For example, one person may begin to feel SAD symptoms in September, whereas another will feel well until after Christmas.”. This wide coverage also helps minimize discomfort from the heat output, which is particularly important for this lamp, as it gets hotter than others. It's also small, so you don't have to sacrifice workspace, and it isn’t bright enough to bother co-workers. The Day-Light comes with a standard AWG 5-foot grounded power cord, which is interchangeable if it gets lost and plenty long enough for most people. By comparison, most sun therapy lamps I reviewed cost over $100 and don't perform as well. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, It can be installed and rotated, casting the light on the places that are hardly accessible with hand. I spent over 60 hours researching seasonal affective disorder, light therapy and how light affects our circadian rhythms with physical and mental health implications. Countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Iceland have vastly shorter days on average during the winter. We put together everything you need to know about light therapy … It either rests on its side, giving it an upward angle, or vertically, which gives it broader, horizontal coverage. And if you want more than one of these lamps, the included remote can control up to four of them. Alarm clocks and therapy lights go together like…well, like two things people really need in the morning. The bad news is 6 inches is too close to allow you to sit a comfortable distance from the lamp. When used each morning or as directed by your health practitioner, the best light therapy lamps can also have a positive effect on your sleep, as they can help to regulate your circadian rhythm. Additionally, we’re testing the $50 Circadian Optics Lumine Light Therapy Lamp, which has a significantly smaller light surface compared with our picks. This Northstar lamp from Alaska Northern Lights is the most heavy-duty option. Start with 20 to 30 minutes to see if it improves your mood. Both of these products bring a level of customer-first thinking to the table, and it shows. While many light therapy lamps are larger and more expensive, Verilux’s HappyLight is compact and affordable. Here are the best light therapy lamps for all your needs. Floor therapy lamps are the most versatile choice, allowing you to place the lamp by a desk, bed, couch or workout space.

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