Date published: 2020-10-23 Size 1 (pack count 36) for 12 to 18 lbs More items to explore. It absorbs really good but of course, you cant have it all. Select Option. from
I think every baby is built a little differently but I discovered after 2 months that Huggies is our preferred brand. Customer service said I have to return all the diapers. from Find out more. My daughter almost had daily morning outfit changes because whenever she pooped in her Pampers, it would stain her clothes - no matter how big or small. I really miss these pampers. So thankful for your products. Clutch ‘N Clean, Soft Packs, Tubs, Refills, Big Packs. Size 3. The leg elastic seems to work well also. Awesome She sleeps through the night in one and doesn't pee though it. by It's durable and I don't have to worry about leaks. My son never reacted to them. Love huggies Huggies has an additional stretch, which allows me to but the newborn size for her still. Dye free. Need to cancel my order. from Works great ), Newborn (up to 10 lb.