why do we fall in love

Now, let’s consider a few of the social reasons that play a big part in motivating us to find someone to share our lives with. 7 Things That Make Us Love Another. But all bets are off when we actually encounter someone on a first date. Sounds weird? But there is method in the madness of falling in love. The need to caress them, to be part of the person we love with a long term commitment. 15 Reasons We Fall In Love. We look for someone who is similar but not too similar, different but not too different. However, step back a bit and think if this relationship does good to you in the long run. For others, the process is more slow motion, a feeling that “something” has happened, some wave of feeling or energy is passing between the two of you, but it has yet to unfold. The theory is supported by neurochemical evidence. We wanted educated and caring. Okay, so I’ll admit that chalking love entirely up to hormones isn’t exactly the most romantic of concepts, just as attributing it all to evolution and reproduction isn’t the stuff that Valentine’s Day cards are made of. We yearn for that person and want to be with them to add a new meaning to our existence. But what binds the two kinds of love is intimacy. But now, we have to decide how much we value each quality. Nope. Love changes and evolves as time goes on and feelings mature. Falling in love gives you a euphoric feeling. Human beings are naturally sociable creatures, and whilst many of us enjoy being on our own now and again, most of us have a need to seek out the company of other human beings. Women, for their part, show a strong preference for the traditional masculine inverted V shape – wide shoulders tapering into a narrow waist, hips and tidy buttocks. Although we may fall in love many times, only a tiny minority put more than one person in that category at any one time. Don’t underestimate the power that practicalities can have when it comes to romantic attachment. 4 Social Reasons Why We Fall In Love. An article in Psychopharmacology (2012) concluded when compared to behavioral addiction, social attachment is similar—individuals become addicted to other because of the returned reward. Is it a miracle, destiny or is there a science… That might play a big role in why we’re able to form partnerships that can last a lifetime, and can feel like we’d do anything for love. We have listed a few common ones here. What is it that drives you? It is one of the positive attributes that people usually look in their life partners and fall in love with. Often, we may not be able to cite specific reasons for falling in love with someone. © Copyright A Conscious Rethink. Why Do We Fall In Love? But romantic love is a whole different ball game. It can even drive you to extreme lengths to win over that person. What sold for €200k in Dublin 1 and 12, Wexford, Kerry and Mayo? Difference excites us. Passing the physical and Goldilocks tests only gets you through the first round of finding a mate. We’ve got the most advanced language skills around, and we’re also far more likely that any other mammal to kill one another, as uncomfortable a thought as that might be. When it comes to physical attraction and sexual desirability, gay men are attracted to much the same things in a man as women are, although they tend to put a higher value on physical strength and muscularity, how “built” the potential mate is, than most women do. At no other time in the human life course, outside of infancy, do you experience such physical intimacy. Please read our Disclaimer. we tell you 15 reasons why we fall in love. Her respect and understanding towards me are impressive. We mistakenly attribute our feelings to our rational judgments of their qualities. Some of us use our parental role models as examples of what we should look for in a partner. The love we feel for our family, our friends, and even our pets has a huge effect on us. The account details entered are not currently associated with an Irish Times subscription. We have listed a few common ones here. Tone of voice becomes softer, more tender. Settling for control instead of intimacy, or a repeat of the old pain, because any love is better than none at all. When you both are deeply connected, you might fall in love. A look, a gesture, a touch. Love is magical too—it pulls you towards the special person, making you wonder why. These are still the findings, right up to and including studies on internet and speed-dating. We’ve evolved to be capable of extreme hate, and passionate love. You want to “fill up” your senses, and when you do, you feel that sense of complete satiation and intimacy rarely felt since infancy. Most people can name about nine people in the first category, but only one in the second. Is It Safe To Eat Pineapple During Pregnancy? Compatibility. Love is a wonderful, largely inexplicable thing, and we can’t be logical all the time. Freud described it as the re-finding of a lost love, our ‘lost half’, a return to the blissful wholeness and union of early infancy. Sometimes the onset is sudden, more often for men than for women. So, we’ve looked at the more physical reasons why human beings have developed to love one another. But even if a particular candidate had all the qualities we wanted in a partner, most of us claim that we wouldn’t marry somebody we did not love. Unhealthy Attachment: When One Turns Into The Other. Released as the album's lead single in the United Kingdom in October 2001 and in the United States in July 2002. Having a partner with a good sense of humor can help you de-stress, feel good, and make life so much easier. Unlike the intimacy with parents and friends, the intimacy of romantic love has a sense of destiny and surprise about it. That means you are attracted but do not actually know more about the person. Clear skin, bright eyes, lustrous hair, white teeth, a lively gait, and a certain smell or pheromone that may signal a complementary immune system. Belly-to-belly contact, your whole body touching theirs, vital in infant-parent bonding, plays the same role in romantic bonding. How Do You Know If You’re In Love? When people describe falling in love, the descriptions are remarkably similar, even if they sometimes sound a little deranged: a sense of consummate passion, obsession, and possession, swept up in something over which you have little control. For lesbian women, findings about what they find physically attractive in a mate are mixed. We have grown up seeing our parents. When you have reset your password, you can, Please choose a screen name. Sometimes, we do not know why we fall in love. Love will mark and shape our lives. You are fascinated by the curve of her lower lip, the slope of his nose, the way she rises from a chair, his distinctive gait, something you feel is their “essence”. Flaws are overlooked, virtues exaggerated. Although we may fall in love many times, only a tiny minority put more than one person in that category at any one time. That attraction may not be just physical, but also emotional and sexual. And this hot emotional process affects our cold judgments of suitability. How Important Is Physical Attraction In A Relationship? Katie is a writer and translator with a focus on travel, self-care and sustainability. We’re talking about the need to care for the person we love. Whether or not you have a reason for falling in love, enjoy the ecstatic feeling, and create sweet memories for life. The first move in any love is simply to get closer. Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately.

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