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No trails. The local Audubon club has an aggressive invasive species removal program working to rid the sanctuary of Multiflora Rose and Garlic Mustard. Riverbank Sanctuary is a 23-acre sanctuary on the shore of the Indian River just outside of Manistique. Through our educational tours, the public has a rare opportunity to see these She'll be a very quiet neighbor, and if the nest fails on its own – something that happens regularly – just wish her luck on her next attempt. These are special places where creatures who might have been abused or neglected or are just in need of a home can live out their lives in wide open spaces. Michigan Audubon relies upon dedicated volunteer stewards to maintain the sanctuaries. Fort Gratiot, Michigan, 48059-6331 . Feeding the animals was cool. This is an entirely wooded 405-acre sanctuary in Keweenaw County. We provide lifelong sanctuary to wolves/wolf dogs, farm animals, and exotics. We believe that supporting local attractions is important now more than ever and we hope our articles inspire your future adventures! Travel safely in Michigan. A portable toilet is on site between May and October. Baker Sanctuary spans approximately 980 acres in Calhoun County, making it the second largest property owned and managed by Michigan Audubon. Its a smaller place and that makes it great for younger children. No Restrooms. By becoming a Park member, your family will receive unlimited admission to the Park for an entire season! Please contact Michigan Audubon at 517-580-7364 if you notice a maintenance need or witness an inappropriate activity taking place on a preserve. Canada geese sometimes build nests near houses or in parks, often near water. Interested in participating in our craft show or being a vendor for next year? Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Although the MEDC uses reasonable efforts to maintain the accuracy of the website content, it is not represented to be error free. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! Please note, parking is only allowed on designated parking areas and within the right of way of a maintained road such that no vegetation is harmed. Summer Wind Farms Sanctuary, Copyright 2014. We are a non-profit, USDA licensed sanctuary for exotic birds, mammals and reptiles. Benches on a hill overlooking Mud Lake Marsh provide an ideal location for viewing large numbers of cranes in October and early November. The very best sanctuaries strive to provide the environment needed for each species they house to thrive. A great way to help animals is by visiting, volunteering and supportingfarm and wild animal sanctuaries. This UP wildlife refuge is a great place for bird-watching. The cutting of lanes, cutting or destruction of brush, trees or other plants for any purpose is prohibited. Two champion trees of Jackson County, American Hornbeam and Shingle Oak, grow here. It is why I recommend & give it 5 stars! The use of off-road vehicles and snowmobiles. I would recommend these guys for sure! Amenities: Parking. Wild World Animal Sanctuary is accepting surrenders on an emergency basis. Keep dogs, cats and kids away from the nest or baby birds. What should I do if I find a baby animal? The sanctuary is adjacent to the Barry State Game Area Global Important Bird Area and is home to breeding forest birds such as Acadian Flycatchers, Ovenbirds, Scarlet Tanagers, and Yellow-billed Cuckoos. This is one of the richest woodlands in Jackson County for spring wildflowers. We love to take the kids here. Please see the description of each for more details on what you can expect when visiting. Reptiles are lung-breathing, scale-covered animals that are ectothermic, or “cold-blooded“. No Hills so it's easy for a stroller as well. Amenities: Parking. Even a giraffe. No Restrooms. tour of the facility, please call our office at (810) 378-4991. The mother deer will return for her fawns when she feels it is safe, but she may not return if people or dogs are present. No Restrooms. Otis Farm Bird Sanctuary is located at: 3560 Havens Road, Hastings, Michigan. While fawns may seem abandoned, they rarely are. Has viewing platform (handicapped accessible). Maintained Trails. in a safe, well cared for environment. This 40-acre, landlocked sanctuary is within the Whitefish Point Global Important Bird Area. Michigan Audubon’s largest bird sanctuary is located in Jackson County bordering the Waterloo Recreation Area. The sanctuary is adjacent to Hawk Meadow, a Delta Township park, whose land was also donated by Michigan Audubon benefactor, Carl Haussman. If you find a fawn alone, do not touch it, as this might leave your scent and could attract predators. The opossums were the highest in number, over 400 admitted. Don't worry, even if water isn't close by, she knows where it is and will get her brood there safely. Wild animals can act unpredictably and can become aggressive, especially as they get older. They are continually expanding and have more to see every time we visit! Maintained trail. Michigan Audubon members may launch kayaks and canoes on Glass Creek using a small launch, and a rustic cabin is available to rent. Kate Palmer Sanctuary Website Maintained by the Kate Palmer Stewardship Committee. Feel free to contact us for more information. Large evergreens provide additional woodland habitat. The transition zone of the shrub/bog habitat supports the richest diversity of migrating birds on the Whitefish Peninsula. This was a season where we really had no idea what was going to happen…It was a challenging year with tough decisions to be made but we are overwhelmed by the support we received all season long. Amenities: No Parking. Haehnle Sanctuary Website Maintained by the Haehnle Stewardship Committee. 208 N. First Street, City Hall, Alpena, MI 49707. The trail is a mowed during the summer and is easy to navigate. Love Michigan? Throughout the spring and summer, an abundance of wildflowers and the fauna they attract can be found. If you would like to lead a group hike on one of our preserves, please contact us to make sure that the date is open and there are no conflicting uses on the site. Being “cold-blooded” means that reptiles cannot regulate their own body heat so their warmth has to come from the environment around them. Always clean and well kept. I have been here many times! The 40-acre Margaret Shroyer Sanctuary is in the Whitefish Point Important Bird Area, a globally significant site designated as a migration stop over for Red-necked Grebes. This place is wonderful. Cottontail rabbits may have multiple litters per year. Feathered baby birds may fall from the nest while learning to fly, but their parents will continue to feed and care for them even when they are on the ground. Located in an area of glacial moraines, this sanctuary contains rounded ridges, seasonally flooded ponds, a stream, and lake. Nest box trail. A fawn’s spots are excellent camouflage and it has very little scent, which will help it stay hidden from predators. See a map of our sanctuaries and a full list at the bottom of the page. Host your corporate event, company picnic, reception, wedding, and more here at the park in the evening. Only State or Federally licensed individuals can care for wildlife in need. They allow you to be very close to the animals and have a petting zoo portion. The sanctuary is botanically quite diverse and includes a number of threatened and endangered plants. A restored wetland and grassland demonstration area at the west side of the sanctuary is accessed from Wooster Rd. A former farmstead and woodlot, this 80-acre sanctuary has a fine stand of oaks, hickory, and walnut.

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